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Adopt An English Bulldog Puppy

Adopt An English Bulldog Puppy

March 15, 2016

English BulldogBig wrinkles, round body and short legs, what is not to adore about English Bulldogs! These pups are quickly becoming a hit among family animals. Be sure to check out the English bulldogs Petland Aurora has available right now, to see what one would be the perfect addition to your family!

English Bulldogs are low energy and full of love; they stay fairly short but can get up to a hardy 50 pounds. These pups may look intimidating but they are great family dogs and are known to be gentle and perfect around kids! English have a fairly long life span of about 8-10 years; just make sure to keep up on their vet visits because that cute face does make them more prone to breathing issues! If you are looking for a dog that tends to not bark the English bulldog would be perfect for you, just watch out because they are known to snore! (it's so chill here at Petland Aurora, sometimes they even doze off and snore…it kind of makes us laugh )

English BulldogEnglish bulldogs are growing in popularity and it truly takes a dedicated breeder to bring them into this world. Bulldogs in general have a hard time breeding due to the way their bodies are, this means that often time these dogs need a pre pregnancy veterinarian visit to ensure the mother and father are healthy enough to breed and then the mothers are artificially inseminated. Then when mama is finally ready to have her pups, she is watched around the clock for just the right time and the pups have to be born via C-section. I know this might be scary, but when done by a trained vet in the right settings it is very gentle on the mom. The vets then are able to check the pups right away and the vet can make sure that the mama dog is healthy and ok before she goes home with her pups. Now, the breeders we work with here at Petland Aurora are some of the best in the country, they stay with mama 24 hours a day while she heals and makes sure she has time to take care of her pups, but that she also has a break to ensure she heals correctly.

With the love and dedication that goes into these animals it’s no surprise how sweet these pups are known to be. English bulldogs make a great addition to any family and love to be a big ball of wrinkles and love.

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