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America’s Love Affair With The French Bulldog

America’s Love Affair With The French Bulldog

March 15, 2016

French BulldogLady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, Ashley Olsen and Leonardo DiCaprio all have one thing in common, their love for their French Bulldogs! The stars in Hollywood are not the only ones in love with this big eared, smooshy-faced breed; People everywhere can't seem to get enough of these pups! And here at Petland Aurora we strive to provide you the best selection of French bulldog puppies at all times.

The American Kennel Club currently ranks the French bulldogs as the 9th most popular breed in the United States. These loveable pups come in nine colors, and are small in size. One thing you may notice about this breed is they have two different ear types, rose bud (where the ear flops down a bit) or the big bat ears (where the ears stand nice and tall). The most common is the bat ear but either look is sure to warm your heart.

French BulldogThese loveable pooches will love to play around with you but mostly they enjoy lounging around and taking naps all day; Making French bulldogs a great fit for families that may not have the time to run a dog every day. These pups also do great with kids and love to learn new tricks.

Here at Petland Aurora we take pride in picking out the best French Bulldogs from the best breeders across the country, just to make sure you get the pup that is just perfect for your family. Come on in and see what French Bulldogs we have available for you to bring home today!

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