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The Ever-popular Chihuahua

The Ever-popular Chihuahua

April 29, 2016

Petland Aurora Chihuahua PuppiesI'm searching for the perfect dog. Of course, "perfect" is in the eye of the beholder. That can be seen on any given day at Petland Aurora, where they can have up to 100 (or more!) different puppies for sale. This gives me a great place to observe many different breeds of dogs in one setting. Today I watched the ever popular Chihuahua, and this is such a cute, little breed! Petland Aurora has a few Chihuahua puppies, and it is amazing how different they all looked because of their different coat, color combinations, and length of hair.

Did you know that this breed originated in Mexico? What's more fascinating is that they appear to have been around since 100AD! The Chihuahua is a small dog, and usually weighs around 4-6 pounds, although my sister's dog weighs 9 pounds! I also discovered that they are the only breed of dog to be born with an incomplete skull! This usually completes its formation within 6 months, although sometimes it never does fully develop and you have to take care with the Chihuahua's head. They can have short hair (smooth coat) or long hair (long coat). There are also 2 types of head shapes---deer and apple---and many people prefer the apple head, which looks like an apple with bulging eyes. The long-haired Chihuahuas do not really need brushing, which is unusual for a dog with long hair.

Petland Aurora ChihuahuasThe Chihuahua makes an extremely loyal pet. They like to attach themselves to a single owner, and might show aggression towards other people, dogs, and overly-active children. This can be overcome with early intervention and training. The Chihuahua is a great breed to raise with your family as they also love to burrow under blankets, clothes, etc---anything that makes them feel safe and secure.

One problem that has occurred with Chihuahuas is the result of movies and pop culture. People see movies, etc., with Chihuahuas in them and decide to get one for themselves. After little to no training, families decide that these puppies aren't as cute as they thought they'd be, so they have been dropping them off at shelters across the United States. Through no fault of their own, Chihuahuas became "problem dogs" that nobody wanted. It is very important that you speak with a Pet Counselor about any puppy that you are considering so that it will fit in nicely with your family/lifestyle. Learning the traits of a particular breed can go a long way in ensuring the success and happiness of your new found family member and your puppy’s ability to fit in with your family. Petland Aurora has many highly knowledgeable Pet Counselors---just ask a Pet Counselor for some guidance and be certain all your questions are answered.

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