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What Are the Best Dog Breeds For Kids?

What Are the Best Dog Breeds For Kids?

May 12, 2016

I've been visiting Petland Aurora for a little while now. Every time I have a question on any particular breed, there is a knowledgeable Pet Counselor who will find the answers for me. I know that there are other puppy stores out there, but I can tell you this in all honesty, with Petland Aurora puppies you can see the difference. After my visit, I have decided that this is the place to adopt a puppy. In fact, the Pet Counselor that I spoke to knew the best dog breeds for kids, and could back up her statement with quite a bit of knowledge.

What are the best dog breeds for kids? Well, part of it depends on your kids' personalities. Are your children really young? Then you need a dog that is extremely gentle and patient. Are your children older, and able to be "trained" themselves on how to treat a dog? Then perhaps a dog that can learn good behavior from your children could work. There is literally an exhausting list of dog breeds, of small dog breeds, and of large dog breeds. All of these dogs are descendants of the wolf. That being said, all dogs are animals at heart. It's just about finding what fits best for your family.

I was very impressed with just how far the Petland staff goes to ensure that their adoptable puppies are a good mix for your family. Especially important is how active your family is, and how much time each day you will have for interacting with your pooch. These questions might help you decide if large breed dogs are for you, or if you really should be looking at small dog breeds. Petland Aurora has many puppies---both large and small---to consider.

There are many large breeds that work extremely well in a family with children. Leading the list would probably have to be the Labrador Retriever. This breed is probably the most popular breed of dog, most likely because he is smart, patient and loving, and is protective of his family. The Standard Poodle is also a smart, gentle, loyal and patient dog. It has the added advantage to being non-allergenic (although I always recommend that you check this out before adopting one). Smaller-sized poodles (miniature and toy) are also great with children. Another popular large dog breed is the Golden Retriever. It too is smart and loyal, is patient and non-aggressive, but it really needs to get a lot of exercise. If you have multiple children who would play with him you will be fine. The Irish Setter looks somewhat similar to the Golden Retriever. It, too, is playful and loves children, and is also easily trained. However, this dog also needs to get a lot of exercise, which is great if you have energetic children. Finally, the Newfoundland is a "gentle giant" that loves children and is protective of them. He is very gentle and patient, and is devoted to his family.

There are also many small dog breeds that work well with children. The boxer (really considered a medium breed) is intelligent, loyal and friendly, and is incredibly patient with children. The Bulldog is also good with children that play a little rough. He likes to roughhouse too, but can also be lazy. Bulldogs also get along well with other pets too. Another sturdy dog is the Beagle. Of cartoon "Snoopy" fame, Beagles are great with active kids, a seemingly never too tired to play, and are also friendly toward other pets. Finally, Collies (of "Lassie" fame) are good family pets. They are very gentle, and are easily trainable.

If you search online, you can probably come up with an even longer list of dog breeds that would be wonderful additions to your family. That's also why I like going to Petland Aurora---I can see so many of these small dog breeds (and large dog breeds, for that matter) right in one place. Knowing that the Pet Counselors can tell me which dogs would be good for children reassures me that I can make the right decision for me and my family, and that coming to Petland Aurora is the right decision for me.

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